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11/17/2013Father Joe Davis A Bird in the Hand, Revisited
Some stories bear retelling....
Download A_Bird_in_the_Hand_Revisited_8.00_11.17.13.MP3
11/10/2013Father Joe Davis God of the Living
Sermon Luke 20:27-40
Download God_of_the_Living_25_Pentecost_27C_10.30_11.10.13.MP3
11/03/2013Father Joe Davis The Beatitudes and the LIfe of Jesus Among Us

The Beatitudes according to Luke teach us who is blessed in the eyes of Jesus.
Download All_Saints_Sunday_11.3.13_The_Beatitudes_of_Luke.MP3
10/27/2013Father Joe Davis Like the Swift Flight of a Sparrow 23 Pentecost 25C 10.27.13

Sermon inspired by a passage from the writings of the Venerable Bede, the first historian of the English Church
Download Like_the_Swift_Flight_of_a_Sparrow_23_Pentecost_25C_10.27.13.MP3
10/20/2013Father Joe Davis Becky the Encourager 22 Pentecost 24C

We all need to know someone like this....
Download Becky_the_Encourgaer_22_Pentecost_24C_10.30_10.20.13.MP3
10/13/2013Father Joe Davis Proof That His Miracle is Working 21 Pentecost Proper 23C

Download 21_Pentecost_23C_10.12.13_Proof_That_His_Miracle_is_Working.MP3

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